Scale can be a tricky thing. Between scale creep, different artists interpretations and the various races involved in all these fantasy games have no hard and fast biology books to draw from we have decided to create this handy guide to help you determine which scale is best for you. 

Lets start with the basics. Scale refers to the height from the bottom of the feet to the eyes of an average being. So a 28mm human may be 32mm or taller if he is wearing a hat (or those cool platform shoes with the fish in them). 

"What scale do I want for my game?" 

Okay okay lets get to the useful stuff. Different games have different scales. You don't want to show up ready to storm the beaches of Normandy only to find out you brought a company of giants to the field. 

6mm-These games use tiny miniatures to achieve a sense of leading huge armies with mighty monsters to support them. Baccus and Epic 40k are this size.

10mm-Larger than 6mm, these miniatures size allows for a similar sense of grandness while giving the individual minis room for a detailed painter to work with. Games in this scale include Warmaster, Dropzone Commander and Heavy Gear Blitz

15mm-A common scale for historical miniatures, these are where we really see some detail start to shine. Flames of War, War in 15mm and more.

20mm-From the jungles of Vietnam to the desert wasteland to the fields of Waterloo,Charlie Company, Gaslands and Napoleon will scratch your itch for minis at this scale.

25mm-Lotr Strategy Battle Game and more. Very good for realistic scaling. 

28mm-A common scale used for tabletop games and RPGs. A lot of games started out in 28mm and scale made older models look like they were a foot shorter than modern ones. We recommend games you know are in scale with Dungeons and Dragons miniatures from Wizards of the coast. Excellent for historical games like Bolt Action. 

32mm-easily the most common scale for miniatures in the gaming world. These can be used in the most well known games at your LGS such as 40k, Malifaux, OPR, warhammer the old world and more! 

32mm heroic-Heroic miniatures are larger and often have bolder proportions. These are good if you want a hero for your forces or want something to paint that will stand out. No games specifically are associated with this scale but if you are comfortable with your guys looking seven feet tall then they should fit on most battlefields 

54mm-These miniatures are often used by veteran games for longer more involved campaigns. The most popular game of this scale is the out of print Inquisitor. 

75mm-Statues. Too big for gaming, but that doesn't mean we can't turn this into an awesome statue for your mantel, work desk or wherever. These are for painters to bring to life and enjoy.   


Red Shark Minis never has and does not currently claim to sell or be associated with any of the above games or companies. We work extremely hard to make sure that all our offerings do not infringe on the IP of others. Any miniatures or bits bought are meant to be used in miniature agnostic games.